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Before you contact us PLEASE review our most asked questions below. 

Reading before you email could prevent you from sending requests for services
we can't assist with. Doing so will only create additional delays in finding appropriate assistance.

Q: Can you help with trapping feral cats?

A: Please see the feral cats page at Metro Animal rescue/adoption/resource directory for more information. Missouri Barn Cat is not a Trap-Neuter-Return Program. Our mission is

to find barn homes or other working situations for cats already in our associated group programs, to educate and advocate for feral, alley, stray, wild and community cats.

Q: Who can assist me with a TNR Program ?

A: We have two listings on our website: one for Illinois and one for Missouri of groups that might be able to assist you. Please look on the left side of the site for these two pages.
The groups listed are independent groups and it is up to them as to decide if they can assist you.  They do not work for Missouri Barn Cat.

Q: Can you take the feral cats I have taken into my house but failed to socialized ?

A: These cats do not fit into our program. If they were kittens when you took them in, they

probably do not have the appropriate skills to live outside and survive. If they were adults, we
suggest that you spay/neuter them, then return them to their original territory. Returning to a
known territory gives them the best chance of survival.

Q: There are cats living in my yard, they would be happier living in a barn. Can you take them ?

A: Cats do best if they are trapped, spay/neutered, then re-released back into their original territory. Our program and openings are a dedicated program set up to service our member groups. We do not accept cats from the general public.

Q: Are you available for immediate assistance?

A: Missouri Barn Cat is an all-volunteer organization and we are not an emergency responder. Please contact your local humane society or animal control for assistance.

Please feel free to contact us by any of the following means:

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