Testimonial: TNR Success

By Leah B.

We just moved to our new house. After a couple of months, I began to notice some stray cats hanging around. I felt sorry for them and began feeding them table scraps. My neighbors informed me that the older lady across the street would occasionally feed the cats and that is why they preferred our neighborhood. Nobody knew who owned them – they had always just been there.

After a while, I began to notice more cats (and kittens). I began buying bags of cat food and was now regularly feeding between 4 to 6 cats. In the evening, I would hear cats meowing very loudly. Others began fighting and the males were spraying. It was starting to get a little crazy. I knew I had to do something to control the situation. My neighbors, so far, had been great. I wanted to make sure it stayed that way. I also knew that many of the cats were not spayed/neutered and the problem would only get worse.

I began by calling Animal Control to ask about my options. They thought it best to seize the cats. I asked about low cost spaying/neutering, but they said I would never find anyone who would spay a feral cat. The Humane Society and my vet’s office said the same thing, that it would be impossible to spay/neuter a feral cat. Nobody wanted the risk.

I felt stuck. I didn’t want the cats seized - they would most likely be euthanized. Also, I had grown attached to them and they seemed very content with living outdoors.

Finally, after searching the Internet, I came upon the website for Metro Animal Resources. I couldn’t believe my luck. This was exactly what I was looking for. I called and spoke to Brody, who immediately went into action. She brought over traps and over the course of a couple of weeks, we trapped all of the cats. After trapping them, I took them over to the vet clinic. There the cats were spayed/neutered and given rabies vaccinations. They also had their ears clipped, so were knew who had already been trapped.

Soon after, my cat population began to dwindle. After awhile, I had just three cats left. They all became very attached to each other. We became attached to the cats – we even gave them names.

We ended up moving last year. One of my biggest worries was the cats - who would look after them? None of my neighbors wanted the responsibility. So, I contacted Val at Metro. She explained that the best situation would be for the cats to stay in place. If not, she could try to find someone who would take them in.

But, it ended up that the cats were able to stay. There is a business located behind our old house. I talked to the people at the business and they allowed me to use the back of their parking lot (which accesses the house) to feed the cats. I moved the cats’ bowls to the back of the house and I am now able to feed/water the cats’ daily, without bothering the new occupants. The ladies at the business are also cat lovers and they take out treats and help feed the cats, as well. The occupants of the house agreed to let us leave the cats’ winter shelters in the back. I was able to make sure they had plenty of hay this winter, to keep them warm. It worked out great and the cats survived a long, cold winter.

Metro Animal Resources has been a blessing. I cannot thank them enough for their continued support. I greatly urge anyone who has a similar situation to please take the time and care for these wonderful animals. They ask for so little and give so much back.

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